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Kelly Laflamme

P&G was quite the experience for me... I remember walking into the building for the first time, and I was nervous. You would think nervous just like everyone else, but for me it was a different nervous. I was not just stepping into the corporate world of one of the most renowned companies, but I was also leaving my comfort zone, my friends and my family, venturing from Quebec City to Toronto to do so. I knew it would be a challenge, but also a wonderful and memorable learning experience. Indeed it was!  

In the Sales function, we work very closely with customers by developing different strategies to grow the business and to strengthen the working relationship. My intern role was in Category Development Management (CDM), and I was quickly given a variety of responsibilities on two main projects. One project was in collaboration with COVERGIRL. The goal was to increase shelf performance, and we focused on the complete reinvention of the cosmetic walls of a major retailer. Being in charge of that project was a real privilege! I learned so much about the great work we do at P&G, and also about myself. My experience truly does give meaning to two core values held at great importance at P&G: 'leadership' and 'ownership'. My CDM role was not only trying to sell P&G products, it was also consulting for retailers on how to achieve their sales goals by helping them make vital decisions in a marketing sense. My second project was to create and recommend a Hair Care merchandising plan that offers the best return on investment. I had to understand the distribution opportunities, and propose an efficient assortment to the buyers. When I look at all I achieved, I can say that P&G believed in my potential and gave me the resources to believe in myself. The part I appreciated the most is all the support provided by my manager, my team, my buddy, and from employees across different functions. My manager was great mentor! He supported me by providing detailed guidance every step of the way, and it was great to absorb his wisdom in this field.  I must say people at P&G are approachable and friendly in every way! The environment is incredibly helpful and resourceful, which is so important when we all work as a team towards a common goal.   As I progressed I was also being utilized on other projects and had the opportunity to work on a particular project with other interns from different departments. We all came together and worked on something that was presented to the Leadership Team and President of P&G Canada. It was such a great opportunity for all of us newbies to show our potential on a project that had a real impact on the company! The interactions with upper level management during this project were incredibly beneficial.   

A remarkable thing about P&G is the focus on its people, and the little details that make a huge difference from a personal stance. Even though I was miles away from my family and friends, P&G makes sure that we feel at home. For instance, I was part of two networks, and this enabled me to participate in a lot of different events and activities, and I got to meet some really great people. I helped the French Network organize a big party to kick-off our new slogan “French it Up!”, and another day, I was enjoying rides in Wonderland with the Intern Network! P&G’s culture is awesome, with an extraordinary sense of pride and community. In June, all Sales interns attended the Sales Year End Meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio. I didn’t think it was possible for an intern to have all these opportunities, but at P&G, it is customary. Procter & Gamble invests in their interns, and the most valuable aspect is the trust shown by allowing interns to work on real life business challenges. An internship at P&G is an entire package of great opportunities, which is why I highly encourage you to apply!