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Hassan Mokdad

Look at your man, now back at me, now back at your….. remember that Old Spice commercial that brought you tears and laughter? Well, my internship at Procter & Gamble consisted of 4 months focused on that media campaign, and on building the Old Spice brand in the Canadian market. As an Assistant Brand Manager (ABM) intern on the Old Spice brand, I was given the opportunity to manage a multi-million dollar business along with a multi-functional team and work on projects that had great importance to the brand as well as the company. Every day, I was tasked with assignments where I had to work with finance managers, marketers, creative and communication agencies, sales people, and consumer researchers from every part of the world to ensure that the Old Spice brand remained successful and the market leader across Canada. Some of my projects included executing the recent Old Spice media campaign in the Canadian market, working on an analysis of the body wash business in Canada in the past 3 years, working with creative agencies to create special pack and coupon artwork, and creating a recommendation on how we can improve the in store presence of Old Spice products. All my projects were engaging, fun, and gave me the opportunity to learn so much about managing a business, working with others, handling hundreds of emails, and so much more!

The best part of my internship? The culture at P&G. The people here are awesome – always willing to help whenever needed. My managers made sure that my development was a priority for them, meeting with me a few times a week to share teachings with me and to help me with my projects. A lot of activities are organized for the interns by the i-Network, the Rising Professionals Network, and coporate HR, including an Acronym Olympics (P&G has 6000+ acronyms stores in a database), go-kart racing, and an intern prom! The interns also got to work on a project together, which was later presented to the P&G leadership team – INTENSE! Finally, the work environment is great – you can listen to music at your desk, you can go work at one of our many lounges, and the cafeteria food is not only delicious, it’s cheap too!J

I can honestly say that the past 4 months here at P&G were some of the greatest months of my life. If the above description of my internship interested you – then go ahead and apply! P&G is looking for fresh minds all the time.