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Tony Liao

What it’s like being in IT at P&G? Well, how many people have heard about the phrase, “To make an elephant dance.” Well, history says that when young elephants are trained, they are shackled with heavy chains. So that, when the elephant is fully grown, it remembers its early training and won’t try to break away even though it only has a small bracelet. Large organizations can too relate; they often find themselves in difficult situations facing resistance to change while the smaller, nimbler foreign competitors are getting the advantage. The central goal in Information Technology at P&G is to simplify, innovate, and create an agile environment for P&G to stand as a giant international corporation, yet leap as fast as nimbler start-ups. In my few months of working in IT, I’ve realized that there is so much to learn. You can get deep down in creating the essential services that grows P&G Canada or you can work on international solutions that help all of P&G to run smoothly.

My current role in IT is helping the Walmart Customer Team run efficiently, as well as providing the Sales team with faster, more accurate knowledge of how their brands are doing. One of the projects I worked on was planning the logistic portion of the Walmart Anniversary Sale. It was amazing that as an Intern, how I was given the responsibility to plan out an event that generates a month of sales volume in one week. My responsibility was to determine how much product; each store in Canada will receive and make sure each store receives that quantity days prior to the sale. The most rewarding part of this project for me was being able to witness the culmination of my work, by going to a Walmart Store on the first day of the Sale and witnessing the walls of Bounty, Charmin, Tide, and Pampers that were planned.

Overall, my experience at P&G has been better than any of my previous work experiences, not only is the work challenging and new, the working atmosphere is really inviting. They treat the interns as full-timers, with the added perks of many intern benefits, such as dinners, go-karts, and the intern prom, but you also get the advantage of a full-timer such as being able to go to attend the Customer Business Development Annual Meeting which happened to be hosted in Orlando this year.

Honestly, if you are looking for a challenge, a place to motivate and drive your success, theres no reason why you shouldn’t apply and be a part of the P&G culture. That’s to say, check our Careers page and apply.