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Kelsy Paterson

Ever wonder how an ad in a magazine actually gets there? Or why coupons in stores are printed, placed and priced the way they are? Working for Procter & Gamble Canada in the Marketing Division has uncovered these and many other mysteries for me.  My internship as an Assistant Brand Manager (ABM) for P&G has been a whirlwind journey.  Working on the category of Female Grooming, my projects were focused on 3 major brands: Venus, Satin Care, and Olay Body Wash/Body Lotion.  My work included providing a strategic recommendation on how to grow the Venus business, analyzing the overall Female Hair Removal market, creating and organizing the distribution of new coupons, and updating the current Venus print campaigns.  One of my most exciting projects was the development of a brand new print ad, and launching a campaign around it which included in-store, magazine, and digital applications.  It was amazing to see this campaign on shelves, magazines, and online – to think that my work was truly making a difference on this business was incredible and really rewarding! The coolest project I completed was done in collaboration with 5 other interns from different functions.  It gave me a chance to see so many other sides of P&G, and since our final presentation was in front of the President of P&G Canada, Tim Penner, it was pretty high-profile and definitely had an impact on the company!

The unmatched corporate culture of P&G is what really drew me to working here.  The people genuinely care about your development, and that makes all the difference.  The company is very multi-functional - if you reach out to someone who is not on your team, they are always willing to make time for you if you need help, advice, or direction.  On my Female Grooming Team, everyone was supportive, helpful, and invested in making the business as fantastic as it could possibly be.  My manager was an incredible coach who met with me on a consistent basis to make sure that I was not only succeeding (and had the tools to succeed), but I was having fun! I can testify that when P&G employees say the people are what keep them here and motivated, they mean it.  

Apart from the incredible culture, there were a ton of social events for interns all across the company that were so much fun. From networking lunches, to dinners out, to nights at comedy clubs, even an intern prom! It was a great opportunity to relax, and bond with other P&Gers. 

Overall, my experience at P&G has been much better than I could have possibly imagined.  If you want to work for a company that is invested in you, with meaningful work and great people, I strongly encourage you to apply today!