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Tristan Lee

Function: Brand

University/ College: Queen's University

What do you do in your day-to-day work?

As the Assistant Brand Manager for Crest Toothpaste, I am responsible for business growth in the Canadian market. My job changes daily, but I am primarily responsible for the creation of actionable plans to drive consumers to believe in and buy our products. Our plans must maintain Crest’s base business, while also driving strong launches on new products. This generally entails completing data analysis, discovering consumer insights, and working on a multi-functional team to deliver plans based on these insights.

Crest is a globally recognized brand, but the key to my job is ensuring that Canadian consumers believe in and continually purchase Crest toothpaste products. We often learn from global executions and re-apply existing strategies in the Canadian market, but we also develop local executions that come to life exclusively in Canada. Because of this, I’ve been able to work on some really interesting and innovative campaigns. Within 6 months on the desk, I was able to lead the development of a full-year NHL marketing campaign.

What made you choose P&G over other career options?

P&G is always seeking diverse talent from across the country. When I applied, P&G saw value in my experience at the student government of Queen’s University – I worked as student government Vice-President and as the Head Manager of an on-campus coffeehouse. Although I did not come from a commerce/engineering background, I was still seen as an asset to the company. From day one, I have been able to bring my unique experience to the table, and I’ve felt consistently challenged.

In your opinion, what makes P&G an ideal employer for fresh graduates?

I come from an arts background, having studied history in my undergrad at Queen’s. I have found my role challenging, but I am surrounded by resources that have helped me succeed both professionally and personally. At P&G, learning is encouraged and employees are constantly expected to seek opportunities for professional development – your training never ends. This company is driven to nurture talent.

I have found the work fulfilling on so many levels. From day one, I was able to play an integral role on the Crest/Oral-B Brand Team in Canada, often leading strategy development and action planning. In parallel, I have had access to education and a broad professional network so that I am equipped to succeed in my future career with P&G.

What do you like most about working for P&G?

I like the challenge. P&G brand jobs are tough, but I find myself learning every day and I’ve developed invaluable skills in my time at the company. P&G fosters an environment in which there are never too many questions. I am surrounded by a network of incredibly talented individuals from whom I have already learned a great deal. From day one, you are expected to lead. This is something I really appreciate about P&G, because it means that I have ownership over my ideas and the brand’s success. I’m driven constantly to push myself, and the experience has therefore allowed me to grow tremendously.