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Lauren Sittler

Account Manager

Function: Sales

University/College: Richard Ivey School of Business, Queen's University

From my experience, starting your career at P&G really means starting your career one step ahead. From Day 1, P&G is truly committed to your success and development, and therefore provides you with limitless opportunities to challenge yourself and learn. P&G places high value on its people, and this is demonstrated by both the culture and the nature of our work.

I started in Vancouver as an Account Manager in P&G's Sales function, managing six of P&G’s health and beauty categories. At P&G, Sales is about more than just selling; it is truly about building a strategic, collaborative partnership to help the customer grow their total business. My role is to act as a resource, providing industry oversight, in-depth consumer knowledge, and insights from key data to help the customer make important business decisions. From the start, I was given autonomy, decision-making power, and ownership over my business, allowing me to take on a significant amount of responsibility. Within my first month on the job I was meeting with my customer to discuss strategic opportunities and present upcoming new initiatives, and within my first three months I was already seeing the results of decisions I helped influence. For me, that is the most rewarding part of working for P&G – having the opportunity to create tangible value for the company, the customer and the consumer from the outset.

The emphasis P&G places on its people is truly amazing, and it is extremely motivating to be surrounded by talented, passionate and driven individuals who want to make a difference. In addition to offering challenging work, P&G also provides unparalleled training opportunities and support networks that allow you to learn and grow, both professionally and personally. If you are looking to start your career one step ahead, P&G is definitely the right place for you.