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Jia Zheng

Name: Jia Zheng

Function: Brand Management

University:Queen’s University

What do you do day-to-day at P&G?

As an Assistant Brand Manager on the Personal Health Care category, I am responsible for my brands’ sales, market share, and household penetration growth in Canada.

While every day differs from the next, my core responsibilities can be broken up into two key areas: 1) Business Management, and 2) Demand Creation. On the Business Management standpoint, this includes working on new product launches, establishing pricing strategies, enabling the sales teams to sell-in distribution and/or merchandising, and working with the supply team to manage inventory levels and forecast expected volume. In terms of Demand Creation, this includes localizing the North American creative “toolkit” to ensure it is relevant to the Canadian marketplace, developing a holistic marketing plan for each of my brands, and collaborating with external agency partners on the execution of these plans.

Aside from my business responsibilities, I am also involved with the New Hire Network (NHN)a network consisting of 100+ employees who have been with the company for 3 years or less. I work closely with the NHN lead team to organize events in the form of training & development workshops, mentorship/buddy programs, and social & professional networking opportunities both in and out of the office.


Describe your most exciting project with P&G?

My most exciting project to date was probably my most challenging one. I was given the opportunity to help turn-around a brand that was losing dollar sales and market share due to the influx of new entrants to the category. At that time, what kept me up at night was –“how can I reverse this scary trend?” With the help of my multi-functional team, I developed a plan that included launching a new trial-sized sku, securing incremental funding from the leadership team, testing new claims in market, and executing retailer-specific trial plans. The result was sustained dollar share growth for the first time in two years! Though a challenging task, this was the project that made me realize the impact I was able to make on my businesses in just a few months.


What have you learned since starting your career with P&G? 

The number one lesson that I’ve learned from P&G is the importance of effective business communication – both orally and inscribed. Effective leaders need to be able to distill complicated information into a simple and concise message. P&G is known for its “1-pager” approach where you are trained to communicate all your ideas (i.e. business objectives, recommended course of action, and supporting data) in a succinct way to ensure only the most important points are captured. This is a skill that is ingrained in the company culture and will follow me for the rest of my career.


What excites you most about your future with P&G?

What I love about P&G is its methodology of “hiring the person, not the position”. With this approach, P&G focuses on developing its people and providing opportunities within the company for further growth. I know that I’ll have a completely customizable career at P&G and will be able to explore cross-functional, international, and cross-category opportunities during my time with the company. I’m excited to explore new areas of growth and see where I end up!