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Shamail Rizwan

Name: Shamail Rizwan

Function: Sales  - Healthcare, Loblaws Team

University: University of Toronto, Mechanical Engineering

What do you do day-to-day at P&G:

As an account manager on the healthcare account at a leading retailer, my day to day is focusing on how to grow our healthcare brands at Loblaws, while building relationships and implementing new national plans. Though different departments take on different aspects of the business, it is ultimately my responsibility to tie everything together and deliver growth on my account! The day to day is a combination of leading new projects and addressing pressing issues to keep the business moving forward.

Describe your most exciting project with P&G: One of the most exciting projects I’ve worked on was related to one of the best brands in my portfolio which had been consistently declining for the past year due to new market entrants and different conditions. The great thing at P&G is that you are surrounded by support, while ultimately being able to start, strategize, and execute your solutions! We created an end to end plan by bringing our marketing team into the conversation and pitching, aligning, and executing a national strategy that helped us turn our brand around. It is incredible rewarding to see your work reflected in stores.

What have you learned since starting your career with P&G: The power of data and the power of a team. At P&G, you’re always leveraging data to drive the overall business by turning it into insights, and most importantly: action. Within my first 6 months, I was introduced to the power of data by seeing how powerful it was in influencing retailers’ national decisions, ultimately helping shape the purchase decisions of every home in Canada!

What excites you most about your future at P&G:

Continuing to grow and learn more about business as well as the industry. Learning more about building relationships, negotiation, and managing others.